Mahathir Mohamad wishes to prove to the Malaysians that Pakatan Harapan has been successful in creating a more transparent and less corrupt country, however, the appointment of MACC’s new chief commissioner raises far too many questions marks.

Latheefa Koya, the new chief of MACC, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, may be a well-worth candidate for the position. However, the fact that such high rated appointment, with major political importance, was concluded by Dr M without consulting the cabinet cannot be ignored.

Dr M claimed that “Normally I make the decision myself because I don’t have to ask the Cabinet as to who I approve… If Cabinet decides, it binds me. So, with this, I am free to assess whoever is proposed and I choose,”.

Dr M’s statements and deeds stand in opposition to PH’s promises to create a more transparent governance, which makes me wonder – do we live in a totalitarian regime? Does the mandate which was given to PH give Mahathir the power to decide on a matter that will obviously influence the conduct of an important committee without consulting anyone else? I wonder, what are the reasons to this hush-hush appointment? What do they want to disguise about the connections between Mahathir and Latheefa? And what made him bend the rules and act against his promises to the Malaysian people?