The NSC’s violation of human rights had been a focal point for political discussions in Malaysia, having the newly-elected opposition party promise to abolish it

Despite said promises, Mahathir recognized the strength of governing under the NSC) National Security Council), which caused him to change his mind after being elected. Now, rather than revoking the law, Mahathir plans on revising it. Mahathir’s revisions expand the rights a PM can violate under the NSC to include the unlimited collection of data from the Malaysian population. The NSC would be authorized to “request from any individual or entity… any information or intelligence in his or its possession” – punishable by imprisonment or heavy fines as a criminal offense. Pakatan Harapan, the newly-elected opposition party led by Mahathir that promised to abolish NSC, SOSMA, POTA, and other controversial acts and laws, declared that the suspensions of said laws was “limited to incidents that threaten national security, public order, and race relations,” allowing the government to persist its arbitrary use of human-rights-violating draconian laws to justify Mahathir’s oppression.