Pakatan Harapan forgot their non-Malays voters

Pakatan Harapan (PH), although prior to the elections promoted their vision for the post-election Malaysia, failed to keep their promises. It is no wonder, as the coalition is based on different parties, each one of them holds an unlike vision for Malaysia’s future and the means to lead Malaysia to that bright future. Moreover, it seems like the only thing the parties have in common was the urge to remove Najib Razak from his position. Even though only 30% of the Malays voted for PH, the government is more engaged in promoting its reputation in the eyes of Malays, than to keep the promises that encouraged the majority of voters in GE18 to vote for PH, especially the promises related to the Malaysia’s economy and civil rights. Mahathir Mohamad keeps on addressing Malay potential voters in his interviews, among the known ones are his claims that LGBT rights are incompatible with the institutions of marriage and family, therefore LGBT will not be accepted in Malaysia. Also, his government’s decision to reverse their pledge to ratify the U.N convention against racism, shows again that Mahathir is searching for his previous voters, disregarding his present ones.

Mahathir used us, his disillusioned PH voters, in order to gain back his power, advocating that he is the leader of all Malaysian, but the real outcome was that PH is just a very weak coalition, that Mahathir uses to retain all the benefits related to the position, including promoting his family businesses and increasing their wealth. His promises before the elections are obviously on the back burner.